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Mywawavisit – Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey – The value of the gift cards might range from $100 to $500 depending on where you live. You can seize this chance right now! Respond to all survey questions on your most recent Wawa visit.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

The business thinks that asking its consumers for feedback on their satisfaction will enable them to raise the level of service. Survey.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

All of Wawa Inc.’s customers are encouraged to participate in the Wawa survey. Wawa gift cards between $100 to $500 can be given out as prizes.

Participation Process of the MyWawaVisit Survey

Mywawavisit - Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mywawavisit – Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Please visit
  2. Click the link in the lower right corner to take the survey in Spanish. If not, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Enter the Store Number and Survey Code from your receipt into the corresponding boxes. When prepared, press Start.
  4. Discuss your most recent experience when prompted. In addition to text fields where you can input your response, many questions may also have multiple-choice options from which you can choose one or more responses. 
  5. Please pay close attention to all instructions.
  6. Once your survey is complete, you will have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes. 
  7. Leave feedback, you are not forced to comply with this. Follow the instructions and enter your information to enter.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

Rewards from the MyWawaVisit Survey

If the consumer does the survey, they have a lot of chances to win prizes. They may be given the opportunity to take part in the contest. They have a chance to win a $75 gift basket and a $500 Wawa gift card.

There will be a total of 51 winners in the Wawa rewards program, and one of them will receive the grand prize, which consists of a $500 Wawa gift card and a gift basket filled with Wawa goods worth about $75.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

Requirements of the MyWawaVisit Survey

  • The equivalent of receiving incorrect feedback is receiving none at all. Therefore, only honestly respond to the questions based on the service you experienced.
  • While you are not obliged to shop there in order to complete the survey, you must at least go once in order to get the special Survey code.
  • MyWawaVisit survey participation is limited to those who are at least 18 years old.
  • To participate in the survey, you must have internet access, which requires a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The survey’s official website address is
  • Please be aware that only English and Spanish are offered for the survey.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

Rules and Regulations for the MyWawaVisit Survey

  1. A legitimate Wawa purchase receipt is needed.
  2. Required are a working email address and phone number.
  3. You’ll need a device from the laptop, computer, or smartphone family with a strong internet connection.
  4. Language proficiency in either English or Spanish is required.
  5. Each Participant may only enter the giveaway once each month.
  6. The given prizes must be accepted; they cannot be changed.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

The objective of the MyWawaVisit Survey

The purpose of the company’s MyWawaVisit survey is to find out what its consumers think about the caliber of its goods and services.

Wawa Inc. urges all of its customers to participate in the Wawa survey a result. Participants can choose from $100 to $250 worth of Wawa gift cards.

In addition, clients may anticipate improved service, higher-quality products, and continued attention to their demands from the business.

When you visit Mywawavisit, you can anticipate inquiries about product quality, customer satisfaction, store cleanliness, stock availability, and staff friendliness to better understand the most typical issues consumers have, these questions are directly related to those issues.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

About the WaWa Company

In 1803 Wawa, a premier convenience store initially unveiled its doors. In order to give customers easy access to everything they needed, the company’s creator created it in New Jersey.

 Wawa was first developed in Pennsylvania in 1803. It began as a straightforward iron foundry before becoming fully transformed into a dairy farm around 1890.

Its rule at the time wasn’t without issues. For instance, when an unidentified illness linked to raw milk started to spread across the state, the CEO, George Wood, employed a group of physicians to examine each milk product before it was distributed to the general public.

As a result, Wawa rose to prominence among dairies in the early 1900s for delivering certified milk products right to customers’ doorsteps.

Through the two World Wars, the corporation held sway, but in the 1960s, a convenience shop presented a significant obstacle. Wawa began using the trademark acquired Health by the Bottle when they delivered milk to customers’ homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

Contact Details of the Wawa

The Wawa Corporate Office Address: Wawa, Inc. 260 W. Baltimore Pike Wawa, PA 19063 United States.

Phone Number of the Wawa office: 1-800-444-9292

Wawa Customer Service Phone Number: 800-444-9292

Follow them on their social media pages.

  • Official survey website:
  • Wawa Survey Facebook link
  • My Wawa feedback Instagram link
  • Wawa customer satisfaction twitter link

Take My Wawa Visit Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The Wawa customer satisfaction survey entails what?

The Wawa corporation is conducting a study to find out how their customers feel about the level of service they receive. The user is required to complete it online in order to be eligible to win attractive prizes and gift cards.

2. How do I complete the Wawa survey?

You must have a current purchase receipt from any Wawa location with a code on the bottom of the ticket in order to take the survey. After that, go to the Wawa store’s official website to access the survey page and enter the survey code and store number. Once the survey is complete, You’ll receive a message confirming your eligibility to win thrilling giveaways and Wawa store gift cards.

3. What is the purpose of this survey?

The Wawa company conducts this survey to gain insight into the needs and preferences of its customers and thereby enhance the quality of its services.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey


I really hope that you enjoyed the information. You can win a prize by completing the survey with the aid of this article.

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